Opened in 1997, Chase Park Transduction is an independent recording studio and audio production facility located in Athens, Georgia.

Take a look inside both our A and B studios and the equipment, gear, and instruments on site.

CPT is home to a number of talented engineers and producers. Our services include tracking, mixing, mastering, editing, and transfers, plus our newest endeavor CPT Mobile. If you’re not sure where to start, shoot us an e-mail and let’s talk about it.

Keep up with our latest projects and session over in Updates, and grab directions.


David barbe  - owner/engineer

David Barbe has worked on hundreds of recording projects as engineer, producer, musician and writer.   Over the past few years, projects have included Deerhunter’s “Halcyon Digest,”  Patterson Hood “Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance,” Dennis Ellsworth “Dusk Dreams,” Drive-By Truckers “Go-Go Boots,`”  New Madrid “Yard Boat,”  & Dead Confederate “In The Marrow” to name a few.

David’s general approach to making records is, “In any creative endeavor, the answer should never be ‘No’.”


Andy Lemaster - Owner/Engineer

Andy LeMaster began recording music in high school.  And by the time he finished UGA Art School in 1998, he had joined forces with David Barbe and Andy Baker to form Chase Park Transduction.  Since then, LeMaster has recorded hundreds of records as engineer, producer, mixer, musician, & collaborator.  “I’m always actively adjusting the right combination of these roles from project to project to best serve the musicians I’m working for.  I love all varieties of translating artists’ ideas into reality.  From puristically capturing a live band on analog tape, to programming/editing in the electronic realm, to conjuring the quintessential vocal take, and all points in between.  I love inhabiting the creative world of who I’m working for, and dialing in the best approach to compliment their music.”



Drew vandenberg - engineer

Beginning at age 16 Drew started interning with David Barbe at CPT and made the difficult decision to leave the studio and continue his education at Indiana University. Now with a B.S. in Recording Arts, Drew is glad to be back and working on a lot of exciting projects.




Henry Barbe - engineer

Son of David Barbe, keeping the torch lit by engineering many bands (including his own)








Jason NeSmith has come at music from every angle: student, writer, performer, DIY label, promoter, etc.-- but the sound of records has always been a special fascination. After graduating from the Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Production and Engineering he joined about a hundred bands, opened Bel*Air studio in Athens, and recorded a hundred more. His clients kept asking him to master their records until he accidentally got good at it. Now his CV includes Dirty Projectors, New Madrid, Fred Schneider, Clem Snide, a Pandora session for the Drive-By Truckers, and dozens more great local and national artists







  • Tracking
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Mobile
  • Transfers



Otari MTR90-II 2″ 16-Track (1″ 8-Track headstock available)  

Pro Tools HD3 – 16 in / 32 out

Ampex ATR102 1/2″ 2-Track

Ampex AG350 1/4″ 2-Track

Tascam DA-30 DAT

Fostex CD Recorder


Neve 1272 (4)

API 312 (4)

Urei 546 

Normaphone MXP L1C

John Hardy MXP


Audio Technica 250DE

Crown GLM100

Gene Lawson L251 (2)

Gene Lawson L47

Microtech Geffel UM92

Coles 4038 (2)

Neumann KM54

Neumann KM53

Audio Technica 4047 (3)

Audio Technica 4033 (2)

RCA 77DX (2)

Beyerdynamic M260 (3)

Beyerdynamic M88 (3)




Sennheier 441

Octava MK012 (2)

Electrovoice 635 (2)

Audio Technica ATM25

AKG D112

Earthworks TC30K (2)

Calrad DM10 (2)

Avalon U5

Red Box

Neumann KSM105 Nickel

AT Pro 44


Audio Technica 450


Drums / Percussion

70′s Ludwig 5pc. kit

Pavific 5pc. kit

Slingerland 5pc. kit

Zildian, Paiste, Meinl Cymbals



Sleigh Bells

Vibra-slap, etc.


Tannoy DMT15 (both studios)

Genelec 1030A (both studios)


Sony MXP3036 (both studios)


EMT 140 Tube Plates (2)

Ensoniq DP-4+


Ursa Major Space Station

Lexicon PCM41


Fulltone Tube Tape Echo

Little Labs Phase Alignment Tool

Logtech TD-1 Audio Test Set

Teletronix LA2A

Gates STA-Level

Empirical Labs Distressor (4)

dbx 165A

Aphex 661 (2)

Aphex 612 Gates (4 ch)

Chandler TG-1

Tube Tech CL1B

Urei 546

EMT 162 Stereo Plate



Gibson SG Firebrand (1980)


Hagstrom II (1968)

Hagstrom Corvette (1964)

Gibson SJ100 Acoustic (1953)

More numerous oddballs…


Hammond Organ w/ Leslie

Fender Rhodes

Chickering and Sons Piano

Wurlitzer Electric Piano

Wurlitzer/Jim Scott Electric Piano

Moog Theremin

Roland DJ70 Sampling                                           Keyboard



and Numerous oddballs…


Ampeg Gemini I (3)

Ampeg Gemini II

Ampeg SVT

Ampeg Portaflex B!%

Ampeg V2 (7027)

Ampeg V2 (6550)



Fender Vibrolux

Fender Trem-o-lux

Fender Deluxe REverb

Fender Bassman

Sears Silvertone

Studio A + B


Studio A


Teletronix LA2A

Gates Sta-Level

Empirical Labs Distressor (2)

dbx 165A

Aphex 661 (2)

Aphex 612 gates (4 ch)

Chandler TG1 Stereo Comp/Limiter

Tube Tech CL1B

Mic Pre’s/EQ

Neve 1272 (4)

Urei 2-610

API 312 (4)

Summit TPA200B

Neve/Amek 9098 (2)

Urei 546

Chandler Germanium

Chandler TG-1

In any creative endeavor, the answer should never be ‘No’
— David Barbe

Other Processors

EMT 162 Stereo Plate

EMT 140 Tube Plates (2)

Ensoniq DP-4+

TC M2000

Ursa Major Space Station

Lexicon PCM41



Studio B


CPT Mobile is a new concept at Chase Park Transduction that embraces the flexibility and mobility that recording technology offers in the 21st century. This new service allows musicians the ability to record virtually anywhere they want with top notch recording equipment and a first rate engineer from the CPT staff.

With a reduced hourly rate compared to coming to the studio, ($20/hr. vs. $30/hr) CPT Mobile allows musicians with smaller budgets access to the same high quality equipment and people that CPT offers in house with the added flexibility of recording at their own pace and schedule.

Having saved money on the front end of the project, clients then have the option of mixing their record at Chase Park Transduction at the introductory rate of $30/hr (or we can also work out a project rate, cause hey, this is all about flexibility, right?).

Tracking rates for Chase Park Mobile start at $20/hr. including equipment and engineer. Mixing will be assessed on a project to project basis. Additional gas charges may apply for long travel distances, but most of that is built into the cost.

Live Recording:
CPT Mobile will also do live concert recording with flexible rates starting at $20/hr. Whether it’s rock, jazz, or classical music we’ve got the experience and knowledge to handle it all.

To book a session with CPT Mobile either email us at chaseparktrans@gmail.com or call the studio at (706).227.0680.

Drew Vandenberg
Thomas Johnson



Widespread Panic
Orenda Fink
Kevn Kinney
Maria Taylor
Johnny Jenkins
Queens of the Stone Age
Chris Martin/Michael Stipe
Bo Bedingfield
Summerbirds in the Cellar
Olivia Tremor Control
Sunshine Fix
Blueground Undergrass
Jerry Joseph and the Jack Mormons
Jupiter Watts
Star Room Boys
Hank Vegas
Michael Houser
Man or Astroman
Shannon Wright
The Whigs

...and hundreds more

a select list of past cpt clients...

Drive By Truckers
Kelly Hogan
Bright Eyes
Now it’s Overhead
Nikki Sudden
Monsiuer Jeffrey Evans and His Southern Aces.
Blood Kin
Animal Collective
Barbara Cue
The Tom Collins
Harvey Milk
Jack Logan
Vic Chesnutt
Dodd Ferrelle
7 Mary Three
Azure Ray
Amy Ray
Bettye Lavette
Jason Isbell
The Glands
Bob Mould
Southern Bitch





Chase Park Transduction
160 Winston Drive
Suites 3 & 4
Athens, GA 30607

General Inquiries:
chaseparktrans@gmail.com or call 706-227-0680