CPT Mobile is a new concept at Chase Park Transduction that embraces the flexibility and mobility that recording technology offers in the 21st century. This new service allows musicians the ability to record virtually anywhere they want with top notch recording equipment and a first rate engineer from the CPT staff.

With a reduced hourly rate compared to coming to the studio, ($20/hr. vs. $30/hr) CPT Mobile allows musicians with smaller budgets access to the same high quality equipment and people that CPT offers in house with the added flexibility of recording at their own pace and schedule.

Having saved money on the front end of the project, clients then have the option of mixing their record at Chase Park Transduction at the introductory rate of $30/hr (or we can also work out a project rate, cause hey, this is all about flexibility, right?).

Tracking rates for Chase Park Mobile start at $20/hr. including equipment and engineer. Mixing will be assessed on a project to project basis. Additional gas charges may apply for long travel distances, but most of that is built into the cost.

Live Recording:
CPT Mobile will also do live concert recording with flexible rates starting at $20/hr. Whether it’s rock, jazz, or classical music we’ve got the experience and knowledge to handle it all.

To book a session with CPT Mobile either email us at or call the studio at (706).227.0680.

Drew Vandenberg
Thomas Johnson